As an accessory for the SIGAMAQ bread slicers, the Semi-automatic Bread Packaging Machine has an airflow system that automatically inflates the packages, resulting in a faster process. It is compatible with the SIGAMAQ anti-mold application equipment. 

It has adjustable height and opening (140 mm, 220 mm and 320 mm), allowing various applications and reducing labor costs.

Very versatile, this piece of equipment meets the needs of businesses of all sizes and is ready to pack various types of products, such as: hot dog buns, hamburger buns, flatbread, sliced bread, pancakes and many more.

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  • Replenishment system through support plate.
  • Automatic package opening guaranteed by airflow.
  • Available in stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Packs various sizes of bread loaves, as well as hamburger buns, hot dog buns, panettone, etc.
  • Semi-automatic packaging machine available in 140 mm, 220 mm and 320 mm package opening versions.
  • Compatible with anti-mold application system (optional).
  • Capacity per hour may vary according to operator and product conditions.
  • High productivity with low labor input.


  • Height: 32,5 cm
  • Width: 40,5 cm
  • Depth: 105,27 cm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Power: 0,177 KW
  • Voltage: 220 V Single-phase

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